Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Check Out the New Digs!

I know that it's not the 27th in the 27th anymore, but I like crossing things off lists, and this is something I definitely should have done that year. So I'm retroactively crossing it off.  I've only been in this new apartment for three days, and I just feel better in it.  I think it has a lot to do with the amount of sunlight that the new place gets:

Living room area

I moved to a new apartment in my same complex, and I had an awesome moving team- my mom, dad, sister Jackie and my friend Meda.  There aren't many people who will help you move from a third floor apartment to a third floor apartment, and they've got my back.  I had a lot of stuff  ready when the got there, (and had already moved some things)  but it took the five of us just three hours to move all my stuff.

Looking into the kitchen

In retrospect, it makes the panic and stress I was going through seem kind of pointless.

Dining area

I was able to get everything unpacked on Sunday and Monday morning (SCORE for moving on a three day weekend, that was some great serendipity) and got to relax after I did the remaining cleaning at my old place.

Other Side of the kitchen

Awesome bonus to this kitchen- I heated the oven to 450 to cook my pizza, and the smoke alarm didn't go off! WOOT. That would have never happened in the old apartment. I would have been waving a dishrag in front of the smoke alarm for the duration of the cooking.

Earl enjoying the sunlight

Earl  likes the new digs, too, seeing that there is exponentially more sun in the new place. he's already developed his "running around the apartment in a giant circle" loop.  Here he sits on the Grandad Chair,  soaking in the sun from the sliding glass door.

Another great feature of this apartment is the balcony; my old apartment had one too, but it was not enjoyable to hang out there.  This one is- I had my tea on it this morning. (sorry for the no balcony picture)

I'm all ready to have my first houseguests this weekend!

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