Monday, June 14, 2010


1.  I am continuing on my smoothie kick.  Frozen fruit from trader Joe's, light coconut milk, and yogurt, and you get a little smoothie heaven. I've decided to post my smoothie combos on twitter (because really, what else is twitter for?) so if you are interested in checking that out... there it is.
2. Toy Story 3 comes out this weekend!
3. Baltimore Pride is this weekend! (also, the awesome Iron Crow stickers that we ordered for Pride. Can't wait)
4. Gay Expectations 2: Expect More  is Thursday and Friday!
5. The wine tasting I went to at Donna's- So much fun.  Both the company, and the wine!
6. New Top Chef starts on Wednesday!
7. The Peanut butter pie at the Desert Cafe in Mount Washinton. I am trying to figure out how to replicate it. OMG awesome.
8. Making iced tea to keep in the fridge.  Why have I never done this before? Am I slow? I love unsweetened iced tea! it is so easy to make!
9.  Planning for some out of town vistitors that might be coming in the Fall! woo!
10. I don't have to work this weekend and I thought I did! yay!
What is making you happy RIGHT NOW?


  1. Lots of awesome things on your list! I'm most excited about Toy Story 3!!

  2. Are you taking that baby to see it?