Sunday, June 6, 2010

First company in the new apartment! (and Polish Festival)

These guys came down from New Jersey this weekend to visit Baltimore, and to go to the Polish festival that was over in Patterson Park. My cousin Dan, his girlfriend Helena and my sister Jackie.  Jackie came down for hanging out and a meeting that she had to go to for grad school, and Dan and Helena came to go to the Polish festival. 

We had lots of fun taking pictures..... 

and looking at pottery.... 

and taking more pictures... 

The festival was on the small side, so once we had taken in the sights, eaten some perogi and potato pancakes, (plus the white borscht soup that Helena got that I need the recipe for. omg, so good)  oh, and Polish beer!  We still had some time, so we headed down to do my favorite thing in the city: 

Going to Pitango Gelato, and sitting and enjoying it in Fell's point.  I know my family and friends are probably tired of going there, but I never get tired of it. gelato, looking out a the boats on the water, heading over to do some shopping at 10,000 villages and Su Casa... awesome. 

Dan and Helena left to go home on Saturday night, and Jackie and I hung out.  Then, this morning, We got up and headed over to the farmer's market, where I got some good stuff. 

I love having company, and I can't wait until they come back!

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  1. What?! No pictures of you as a Polish dancer? I'm disappointed.