Monday, April 26, 2010

Ten things I'm looking forward to this week

(Not doing a ten things that are making me happy right now, because there are not ten things that I could put on this list. It is Monday. It is raining. Ugh)

1) GLEE Tuesdays 
Is an awesome tradition that is beginning to make dinner and hang out with my  friends Paul and Julie.  We make good food, drink some wine, and watch Glee. What could be better?

2) Getting burgers with Tammy at Good Stuff Eatery in DC on Wednesday!
We've been trying to get together to do this for months! I'm so excited to go down and try the awesome burgers. and toasted marshmallow milkshake. And hanging out with Tammy!

3) Seeing the family this weekend! 
My cousin Kelly and her insanely cute kid are going to be visiting from Rhode Island, and it's been forever since I've seen them. Plus, I haven't been home in a while, and it'll be good to relax.

4) Going to Live Art for the first time!
My cousin Billy does this thing called Live Art at a bar, where he creates art, and people buy it. ( I don't think I'm explaining this very well...) but  it's been going on for a few years, and I've never been in town when one was happening, and I'm really excited to go.

5) Menu Planning for when I go down to visit my grandma.
She's goingt to teach me how to make pitzelles, and I'm going to do some awesome cooking for her- Risotto with seafood, roast chicken, cookies, roasted beet salad, curry chicken salad... the possibilites are endless!

6) Wedensday Day off!
I worked Saturday, so my comp day is Wednesday. I am going to spend the day sleeping in, doing laundry, and going down to DC to get burgers with Tammy. Woo, day off!

7) Getting some time to work on crocheting.
Sidenote: if anyone has any ideas for crocheted food items, please let me know! I am always looking for new things to figure out how to do.

8)  Working on my Rub recipe for Chincoteague this year.
 Things, they are a-changin' ! I will not be defeated again. Victory will be mine. sweet, porky victory will be mine. and it begins, as all good things begin, with homemade barbecue sauce. oh yes.

9) Writing a blog post about the sweet things I've made lately
Including Smitten Kitchen's brown butter salted rice crispie treats, Espresso cake with espresso frosting. and the ten million variations on the Compost cookie. (p.s. I love to make compost cookies)

10) Reasearching some play ideas for Iron Crow's upcoming season.
We had a company meeting last night that was really awesome! I'm so excited about the upcoming shows and awesomeness.  (especially the staged reading of And Tango Makes Three that Sarah is doing)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Duda's Tavern

We picked a beautiful day to go, and I got there before Julie.  I grabbed a table inside, and ordered myself a Magner's (woooooo, Magners)  and waited for her to get there. While I was watiing, the bartender said that there were tables outside, and it was okay if I wanted to sit out there, I moved outside, and it really was nice, if a little cold, day to eat outside. 
The decor at duda's is Irish pub style, and they have a pretty decent beer selection, as well as Cider (two kinds). They have a variety of drink specials too, which looked pretty tasty.
Julie arrived, and we ordered. First was our appetizer of fried broccoli cheese bites. Which, if you close your eyes, you can see that they are exactly as artery hardening as you might imagine. Also? Delicious.

There is no picture of the broccoli bites because we may have eaten them all before I thought to take a picture.

Now onto the burgers!


I ordered mine with sweet potato fries, which did not taste pre-frozen (always a bonus in my book)  the patty was hand formed, and decently sized, and also came with a pickle on the side.

I ordered mine medium rare, which you can see, this is not is.  As far as the burger went- It was an okay burger, better in the first few bites, and as we continued to eat, the worcestershire sauce became somehow more and more prevalent.

The saving grace of Duda's? The Magners. It's still hard to find good cider in a lot of places in Baltimore, but this made me very happy.

All in all, I probably wouldn't go back to Duda's for a burger, because in Fell's there are other good burger options. But if I'm looking for a good cider, and to sit outside on a beautiful day, Duda's is a great option.

Monday, April 19, 2010


1. My friend Amanda, from college, doing Ten Things on her blog.
2. Making progress on 28/28th list
3. Tuesday night Glee Dinners with Paul and Julie (up this week: roasted chicken, potatoes, and cookies for dessert)
4. Walking into a good thing happening at work (on a Monday! For real!)
5  The theatre company I'm in endng our very first show. Check us out!  It was a really awesome experience, and I'm really glad I did it.
6.  My Grandmom having a day countdown to when I visit when I called her yesterday (twenty days!)
7.  Looking forward to seeing my little cousin in two weeks
8. Making Meringues for the first time. They really were light and fluffy! (and lemony!) I think the next Meringue based thing I want to make is a Pavlova. And my own marshmallows.
9.   I have a bunch of blog post subjects rolling around my brain.
10. Earl the cat taking a nap on me yesterday morning. He's not really a snuggly cat, and when he is, it makes me happy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

List update!

26. Go to ten new resturants in Baltimore

In the Burger challenge, we've been to
Duda's,  Kooper's,  Turps,  Poncabird Cafe, Ale Mary's  (links are to my reviews of the burgers there. Duda's is forthcoming.)

And in everyday life I've been to:
Sam's Kid  Sam's Kid is an Asian Tapas resturaunt that I really, really like, They have all sorts of small plates of great food, thoughtfully done. If you go, make sure you get the cucumber salad. SO. GOOD.

Iggies  I can't belive I had not been to Iggie's before last week.  it's in Mt Vernon, and my friend Paul suggested it to take my family to before they saw the show on Saturday. The pizza and salads here a fantastic. We tried the pizza with duck, blue cheese, onion and asparagus (SO awesome) and the sausage and fennel (delicicous)  and had the Iggie's salad- spinach, mushrooms, and a warm pancetta dressing (droooool)

Kyros  It's right accross from the Church that the chuch that the theatre company is performing in, so i've been there a couple of times. Has a solid buffalo wing pizza, but the falafel there is what is excellent.

Thairish Easily the best Pad Thai I've had in Baltimore. They also have a rockin' Thai Iced tea.

Mt Washington Tavern Paul and I went after rehearsal one night, and I'm glad we did. They have an awesome dining room, solid Mahi Mahi tacos, and  we ended the night with a Chocolate pudding cake confection that hit the spot.

So Yay! I've crossed another item of my list.

Monday, April 12, 2010

On Being Fearless

So my friend Sarah Lynn  (who is full of epic awesomeness and is also in Iron Crow Theatre Company ) started her new blog today! And in the spirit of her blog, and the theme of fearlessness that lies within- (she's taking dance classes! fancy!) I am going to  get working on some of the things from my list that need to get worked on.

Especially #11
I have eleven dates to go on left for this year (before October)  so I'm sending messages to two people on Ok Cupid tonight. As my friend Lisa says, "Dates are not just going to come over to your apartment!"

Woo, progress!

Monday, April 5, 2010


(Caps lock intended to convey happiness, not shouty-ness)

1 THE SHOW I AM IN OPENS THIS WEEK! Here to check out our website, here to buy your ticket already, and here to friend Iron Crow on facebook and here on twitter. Do it.

2 MY FAMILY IS COMING DOWN TO SEE THE SHOW! My Dad, Jack, Kate and Potter and Lauren are headed down from the Jerz on Saturday to come and see our show.  WOO! They are coming early on Saturday, so we will have time to do some Baltimore things, which is awesome.  Baltimore people: any suggestions on what to do?

3 DAY OFF ON THURSDAY BEFORE OPENING  which is especially awesome because I know I'm going to be running around. It will be good to have the day off to get everything in order.

4 COFFEE.  it is not to be underestimated, ever.

5 BON FRESCO IS AWESOME. The fact that I have been there a somewhat unreasonable amount of times in the last week is... totally fine! I merely want to eat everything on their menu. Especially the potato salad. and the pork loin sandwich. and the corned beef. and the lentil salad. and anything with the olive tapenade on it.  Yelp reviews here. (They don't have a website yet) And their bread. Oh, the bread.

6 MY SISTER'S MOVING TO BALTIMORE! In September, to go to school. It's going to be awesome to be in the same city!  Hanging out, carpooling on trips home, (and who are we kidding... cooking her dinner a few times a week :) )

7 IT IS COLD PRESS COFFEE SEASON... what what!  I am starting my first batch with some awesome Bolivian Coffee from Trader Joe's.

8 THE WEATHER IS AWESOME.  Despite the terrible things it is doing to my allergies, it was quite awesome to drive home with my windows down this morning. After a horrific winter of snow and craziness, followed by a lot of rain, it's nice to have some awesome days.

9 NEW SHEETS FOR MY BED. I usually use t-shirt sheets, but i wanted something cooler for the spring, so I went and picked out a set of white sheets for my bed. They're so soft! they make me happy.

10  CROCHETING CUTENESS.  Keep your eyes peeled for the latest projects!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Burger Brothers in Towson

We're looking for the Best Burger in Baltimore! For more info, Click here. 

Burger Brothers is in Towson, on Allegheny ave, just off the Traffic Circle. Julie and I got there on a friday night, Parked at the mall, and after a little shopping, headed over to Burger Brothers for our burgers. 

The interior of Burger brothers has a very casual,- chain-esqe feel. What I would most closely compare it to is a Five Guys, but  burger brothers is not a chain; it's a stand alone store.  They have other things on the menu besides burgers here though- chicken sandwiches, wings and salads.

We ordered: Me with a regular cheeseburger, mayo, and pickles,  Julie with a cheeseburger, onions, mayo and ketchup. They take your order without asking how you'd like it done, so I'm guessing that they cook all of their burgers a uniform time.  The buns are toasted- which is a nice touch. It adds a little crunch to the burger that is nice.


(The picture you see is Julie's burger.  I grabbed hers by mistake, took a picture and a bite before I realized that there were RAW ONIONS in her burger. uch.   We switched  our burgers, and dug in.   I had thought that the bun/meat ratio would be off, because the bun is so huge, but it squished down nicely as I ate,   I thought it was a good, solid burger, moist, good beef,  good bun.  Not as good as the front runner, but definitely close to the top.

As for our sides- Julie got the fries, and I got the onion rings, because I had been craving them.  I liked both- the onion rings are lightly breaded, and didn't taste too greasy, and the fries were fresh, and fried in peanut oil. (I heartily approve)

Besides parking being generally annoying in the area, I think that Burger Brothers is a good alternative to Five Guys- Especially if someone in your group is not a burger person.

And just because a I liked the picture: a gratuitous ketchup shot.