Sunday, April 25, 2010

Duda's Tavern

We picked a beautiful day to go, and I got there before Julie.  I grabbed a table inside, and ordered myself a Magner's (woooooo, Magners)  and waited for her to get there. While I was watiing, the bartender said that there were tables outside, and it was okay if I wanted to sit out there, I moved outside, and it really was nice, if a little cold, day to eat outside. 
The decor at duda's is Irish pub style, and they have a pretty decent beer selection, as well as Cider (two kinds). They have a variety of drink specials too, which looked pretty tasty.
Julie arrived, and we ordered. First was our appetizer of fried broccoli cheese bites. Which, if you close your eyes, you can see that they are exactly as artery hardening as you might imagine. Also? Delicious.

There is no picture of the broccoli bites because we may have eaten them all before I thought to take a picture.

Now onto the burgers!


I ordered mine with sweet potato fries, which did not taste pre-frozen (always a bonus in my book)  the patty was hand formed, and decently sized, and also came with a pickle on the side.

I ordered mine medium rare, which you can see, this is not is.  As far as the burger went- It was an okay burger, better in the first few bites, and as we continued to eat, the worcestershire sauce became somehow more and more prevalent.

The saving grace of Duda's? The Magners. It's still hard to find good cider in a lot of places in Baltimore, but this made me very happy.

All in all, I probably wouldn't go back to Duda's for a burger, because in Fell's there are other good burger options. But if I'm looking for a good cider, and to sit outside on a beautiful day, Duda's is a great option.

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