Monday, April 5, 2010


(Caps lock intended to convey happiness, not shouty-ness)

1 THE SHOW I AM IN OPENS THIS WEEK! Here to check out our website, here to buy your ticket already, and here to friend Iron Crow on facebook and here on twitter. Do it.

2 MY FAMILY IS COMING DOWN TO SEE THE SHOW! My Dad, Jack, Kate and Potter and Lauren are headed down from the Jerz on Saturday to come and see our show.  WOO! They are coming early on Saturday, so we will have time to do some Baltimore things, which is awesome.  Baltimore people: any suggestions on what to do?

3 DAY OFF ON THURSDAY BEFORE OPENING  which is especially awesome because I know I'm going to be running around. It will be good to have the day off to get everything in order.

4 COFFEE.  it is not to be underestimated, ever.

5 BON FRESCO IS AWESOME. The fact that I have been there a somewhat unreasonable amount of times in the last week is... totally fine! I merely want to eat everything on their menu. Especially the potato salad. and the pork loin sandwich. and the corned beef. and the lentil salad. and anything with the olive tapenade on it.  Yelp reviews here. (They don't have a website yet) And their bread. Oh, the bread.

6 MY SISTER'S MOVING TO BALTIMORE! In September, to go to school. It's going to be awesome to be in the same city!  Hanging out, carpooling on trips home, (and who are we kidding... cooking her dinner a few times a week :) )

7 IT IS COLD PRESS COFFEE SEASON... what what!  I am starting my first batch with some awesome Bolivian Coffee from Trader Joe's.

8 THE WEATHER IS AWESOME.  Despite the terrible things it is doing to my allergies, it was quite awesome to drive home with my windows down this morning. After a horrific winter of snow and craziness, followed by a lot of rain, it's nice to have some awesome days.

9 NEW SHEETS FOR MY BED. I usually use t-shirt sheets, but i wanted something cooler for the spring, so I went and picked out a set of white sheets for my bed. They're so soft! they make me happy.

10  CROCHETING CUTENESS.  Keep your eyes peeled for the latest projects!


  1. I am happy for the word shouty-ness

  2. Re: #10. I love the crocheted bacon & egg that you made for my grandbaby ~ Charlotte!!