Monday, April 12, 2010

On Being Fearless

So my friend Sarah Lynn  (who is full of epic awesomeness and is also in Iron Crow Theatre Company ) started her new blog today! And in the spirit of her blog, and the theme of fearlessness that lies within- (she's taking dance classes! fancy!) I am going to  get working on some of the things from my list that need to get worked on.

Especially #11
I have eleven dates to go on left for this year (before October)  so I'm sending messages to two people on Ok Cupid tonight. As my friend Lisa says, "Dates are not just going to come over to your apartment!"

Woo, progress!


  1. I think Dr. Phil said that too. ("what'd'ya mean you're just sittin' at home? Is Mr. Right gonna come knock on your door and ask if you're single and wantin' to get married? That's nuttier than a squirel with a toothbrush!)

    Good luck Val...I gotta get working on my list too. :o)

  2. Yay, list getting through! I have to take a good look at mine to see what kind of planning needs to be done for the big ones.