Sunday, December 9, 2012

A thing that I did; A thing that I'm doing.

So I've been working a lot lately, and haven't been posting much- but I'm excited about an event that I catered (mostly on my own! but with some help from some awesome people)

I can tell the story in some pictures:

Obligatory Crudite shot- served with a Mediterranean feta dip

 Look! it's the whole table!

 Sundried tomato and goat cheese crostini that my friend lisa made- delicious!
The spinach artichoke dip that will shave years off your life, but is so worth it! (four cheeses, much deliciousness)

 Procuitto and melon skewers!
Medjool dates stuffed with goat cheese and topped with honey toasted almonds

So while I'm not catering things on my own, really, (this was for an Iron Crow Theatre Holiday Fundraiser) I am building my own Culinary Instruction Business! I am teaching cooking classes, either for a series- eight classes, or one night events, like "how to roast a chicken" and "appetizers for a party"    so I was advertising with my new cool business cards: 

If you know anyone who wants to learn to cook, send 'em my way!