Sunday, April 4, 2010

Burger Brothers in Towson

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Burger Brothers is in Towson, on Allegheny ave, just off the Traffic Circle. Julie and I got there on a friday night, Parked at the mall, and after a little shopping, headed over to Burger Brothers for our burgers. 

The interior of Burger brothers has a very casual,- chain-esqe feel. What I would most closely compare it to is a Five Guys, but  burger brothers is not a chain; it's a stand alone store.  They have other things on the menu besides burgers here though- chicken sandwiches, wings and salads.

We ordered: Me with a regular cheeseburger, mayo, and pickles,  Julie with a cheeseburger, onions, mayo and ketchup. They take your order without asking how you'd like it done, so I'm guessing that they cook all of their burgers a uniform time.  The buns are toasted- which is a nice touch. It adds a little crunch to the burger that is nice.


(The picture you see is Julie's burger.  I grabbed hers by mistake, took a picture and a bite before I realized that there were RAW ONIONS in her burger. uch.   We switched  our burgers, and dug in.   I had thought that the bun/meat ratio would be off, because the bun is so huge, but it squished down nicely as I ate,   I thought it was a good, solid burger, moist, good beef,  good bun.  Not as good as the front runner, but definitely close to the top.

As for our sides- Julie got the fries, and I got the onion rings, because I had been craving them.  I liked both- the onion rings are lightly breaded, and didn't taste too greasy, and the fries were fresh, and fried in peanut oil. (I heartily approve)

Besides parking being generally annoying in the area, I think that Burger Brothers is a good alternative to Five Guys- Especially if someone in your group is not a burger person.

And just because a I liked the picture: a gratuitous ketchup shot.

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  1. mmmmmmmmm onion rings... (this should be said with a homer simpson accent)