Friday, April 16, 2010

List update!

26. Go to ten new resturants in Baltimore

In the Burger challenge, we've been to
Duda's,  Kooper's,  Turps,  Poncabird Cafe, Ale Mary's  (links are to my reviews of the burgers there. Duda's is forthcoming.)

And in everyday life I've been to:
Sam's Kid  Sam's Kid is an Asian Tapas resturaunt that I really, really like, They have all sorts of small plates of great food, thoughtfully done. If you go, make sure you get the cucumber salad. SO. GOOD.

Iggies  I can't belive I had not been to Iggie's before last week.  it's in Mt Vernon, and my friend Paul suggested it to take my family to before they saw the show on Saturday. The pizza and salads here a fantastic. We tried the pizza with duck, blue cheese, onion and asparagus (SO awesome) and the sausage and fennel (delicicous)  and had the Iggie's salad- spinach, mushrooms, and a warm pancetta dressing (droooool)

Kyros  It's right accross from the Church that the chuch that the theatre company is performing in, so i've been there a couple of times. Has a solid buffalo wing pizza, but the falafel there is what is excellent.

Thairish Easily the best Pad Thai I've had in Baltimore. They also have a rockin' Thai Iced tea.

Mt Washington Tavern Paul and I went after rehearsal one night, and I'm glad we did. They have an awesome dining room, solid Mahi Mahi tacos, and  we ended the night with a Chocolate pudding cake confection that hit the spot.

So Yay! I've crossed another item of my list.

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