Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Poncabird Cafe

We're trying to find the best burger in Baltimore! For More entries, click Here. 

I was talking to Julie earlier today, and we were trying to figure out when we could do burgers next, when I realized that I had never posted anyting about Poncabird cafe!
Which is really an oversight, because they have some awesome burgers at the Poncabird.
Poncabird Burger
We started with the Crab dip in a bread bowl which was really excellent- creamy and delicious, with the awesome addition of melted cheese on top. . My one criticism would be that it could have used a little bit more Old Bay.
Crab dip in a bread bowl
(sorry for the blurry picture, my camera battery was dying)

The Poncabird is in kind of a strange area, nestled in amongst big warehouses in the Higlandtown area, and I got a bit turned around going there. But once I was there, it's a really cool neighborhood hangout. there are christmas lights up around the bar,  the service was good, and attentive, and  all the food is cooked in the open air center of the bar. The ambiance was fun too, with a crowd that looked like regulars, and a table with a barbershop quartet that started warming up, but never sang. (we hoped they would sing, but alas, no.)

This was a solidly good burger, among the top, but not quite surpassing our favorite burger (at Jennings Cafe) It was cooked perfectly for both of us (I had medium rare and Julie had medium) And Julie liked that the onions on her burger were sliced thin and spread all over the burger.  The burgers came with chips, and a pickle, but no pickles on the burger (which was sad for me).

Up Next: Abbey Burger Bistro!

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