Monday, June 7, 2010

Ten Things

Today, I feel like I don't really have ten things that are making me happy RIGHT NOW.  I have ten things that make me full of the rage, for certian. Well, if not full of the rage, certianly full of the annoyance.  However, that is not the point of TEN THINGS. Ten things is about finding the happy, amidst the crap. Even if the crap is overwhelming.  I am going to try to push through and do my ten things.
1  The video that I made, which is the second in the series of videos for the RIB CHALLENGE COOKOFF (I'll do a seperate post with a link to the video, because I can't access Youtube right now
2 Dan and Helena visititng this weekend was fricka awesome!
3 Jack coming down this weekend was fantastic (she gets her own special #, due to awesomeness)
4 GLEE tuesday- it is the Season Finale!  Julie is making cheese dinner of epic cheesiness!
5  Fun plans with friends all week long!
6 Is it bad that i'm already looking forward to the weekend on Monday? well if that's wrong, i don't wanna be right.
7 The Scrapple I got at the farmer's market this weekend. I had breakfast for dinner last night.... and maybe tonight.
8  Planning for Chincoteague...  drinks category
9  Planning for Chincoteague... Food category
10  Making Rub this week!  Various and sundry family members should get ready!


  1. Wow. If this is how much awesome you have going on when the crap is overwhelming, I can't imagine the blinding light when things are GREAT! :) You rock.