Thursday, June 10, 2010

28/28th # 9

On my list of 28 things to do in my 28th year  #9  Is to go to one non- house concert show.

I love house concerts.  The intimacy of the performer, a few feet away, strumming on their guitar, or playing the piano, makes me happy. It really is the best way to hear music. In the last few years, I have been to seldom few non-house concert shows.   In order to get out of the box and enjoy the Life Outside My Apartment, I added go to a non-house concert show.  Large concerts have their bonuses too-  I never would have been introduced to acts like Girlyman, Lucy Kaplansky, and Richard Shindell if not for Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

I was all set to make The Rescues show at the Ram's Head in Annapolis my concert,When there was a concert on Twitter by Bthesite to win tickets to Corrine Bailey Rae!  I entered the contest, and won (WOOOOOO, winning!)  and then I had tickets that friday to see her.  I invited Tim (he of trip to Japan awesomeness) So I not only exceeded my goal, I doubled it!  

Corrine Bailey Rae was really good- (aside from the venue that had no seating, requiring us to stand up for four hours)  I had not listen to much of her latest album, that she was touring on, but I really liked it. She sprinkled in her popular songs from the last album. All in all it was an excellent show.

The Rescues I saw the next week.  A supergroup of four singer songwriters that came together to make an awesome band, I am a big fan of theirs.  Kyler England, Adrianne, Rob Giles and Gabriel Mann make up the group, and they rocked it.  It was my first time being at the Ram's head, and I REALLY liked it- it's a great venue to hear music, plus, there are chairs and food! I will be keeping my eye out for other acts that are going to be there, Due to sheer awesomeness.

Opening for The Rescues was Garrison Starr, who I had heard of, and was a little familar with her music (she comes up on my Edie Carey Pandora playlist)  and I thought she was great- I went home and downloaded a bunch of her music from itunes.  I love when opening acts are good- it sets the tone for an awesome concert-going experience.

*all pictures taken with my phone.


  1. Do you like Irish music? Next time Gaelic Storm comes to town, you must go. I'm planning on it and they usually play at Rams Head in Annapolis. They are hysterical and awesome!

  2. I like irish music! Lemme know when they're coming!