Monday, June 21, 2010


1 Baltimore Pride was this weekend! I was there with the Iron Crow crew, handing out postcards for our next production, which is Hedwig and the Angry Inch,  (and is going to be SO AWESOME)
2 Had an awesome time hanging out with Bryan, Katie and Paul on Saturday, running errands, shopping, and then seeing Toy Story #. (you should go see Toy Story 3, it's great)
3 Purchased a Potato Ricer, which I have wanted for a long time
4 Got some hair product that does not make my hair look gross
5 Had an all-important IKEA trip, which resulted in a new cutting board (wooden) and a new plastic cutting board for meat (in red)
6 Have begun the countdown in earnest to vacation.  Chincoteague, here I come!  TWENTY DAYS
7 Was outside all day yesterday in the burning hot sun and did not get sunburn. (I do not know how this happened)
8 Being introduced to new music: my new favorite happy/dance around my apartment song is Ca Plane Pour Moi, by Plastic Bertrand. Check it out! I dare you not to dance around.
9  Firing up the kitchenaid to make some cupcakes this week! Vanilla buttercream and oreo are on the docket
10 Testing my rib recipe this week!
What is making you happy RIGHT NOW?

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