Monday, October 13, 2008

27 in the 27th

So for the last few years, I have been making a list, of things that I want to do, corresponding to the age that I am. For example, 25 things to do, in my 25th year. When this year's list rolled around, I made it, but wanted to add some accountability, so I've decided to write about my achievements as I get things done on my list!

So without further ado...

1. Read a book a month that I haven't read before.
2. Find a new apartment.
3. Hike the trail at Oregon Ridge.
4. Go and see a movie with subtitles in a theater.
5. Go on a date.
6. Send real mail to someone once a month.
7. Listen to one new album a month.
8. Cook all the recipes in a cookbook.
9. Take a belly dancing class.
10. Get a decent haircut, someplace that is not Supercuts or Hair Cuttery.
12. Take a cooking class.
13. Have a five course dinner party.
14. Learn a new craft.
15. Finish five knitting or crocheting projects.
16. Be more assertive at work.
17. Go to DC by myself for a day and just walk around.
18. Finish the blanket (crochet).
19. Learn one new Baltimore/Maryland thing to do a month.
20. Create a new drink (boozy!)
21. Make handmade Christmas gifts
22. Go to an RU women's basketball game.
23. Be more considerate.
24. Take more pictures; update my flickr page more frequently
25. Visit one state that is not on the eastern seaboard.
26. Buy and read the Washington post one day a week.
27. Make an entire meal from items procured at the farmer's market

So this year's list is a mix of one day things, monthly things, and things that I want to do in general all year long.

Wish me luck!

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