Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

I got a Wii Fit yesterday, after a 3 week search. No online retailers had it, no brick and mortar stores had it, the lack of wii fit in my life was making me sad. So I signed up for an internet service that alerted me of wii fit availability. So yesterday, I was alerted to Amazon having the Fit, and I was happy! woo, wii! and by the time I logged into the Amazon page to buy it, they were all sold out. Sadness and dispair. I thought that other retailers may have some, if amazon did, so I called two gamestops, and the second one had it! I left work a little early, and picked it up.
I love the wii fit! Even though I've only had it a day, I think that if I stick to the program, and do the things that aren't as fun (the strength training, versus the soccer ball game, or skiing)
The only depressing part, is that my wii fit age (that they calculate through balance activities) is 34. Here's hoping that number goes down fast!

1 comment:

  1. hehehe. YAY VAL AND WII!!!!

    Ok, so now I'm intrigued... I'm wondering if my balance age would be 2 or something. You know the age when your legs are kinds wobbly and you don't have any balance...