Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Number 6

There are people in my life that are excited about my list for reasons that are not woo, Val's improvement! (although they are that too!) Those people look at the list and smile, because they realize that they are going to be recipients on the list of the things that I am doing.

One of those peopls is Rebecca. Rebecca is spending this year living on the face of the sun (i.e. Tuscon, Arizona, someplace I don't know why people live there On Purpose) Rebecca is there for school, spending the year learning things and painting things, and falling off her bike into catci.

One of the things that she cannot get in Tuscon is Kashi Mighty Bites. So, as part of my List-ing, (and also because she is homesick and I wanted to cheer her up) I sent her a box of cereal. heh! When I went to the shipping store, and the woman asked me what was in it, and I told her, she gave me the oddest look. I'm guessing not a whole lot of people send a single box of cereal.

So anyway, my October mail is sent!

1 comment:

  1. HEHEHEHEHE!!! That's me! That's me!!!! :) Also, yay for your life improvements! But you ARE the most fantastic person on the face of the EARTH for sending me cereal. I am also subsequently going to become malnourished and lose all of my hair because it's all that I've been eating since it's arrival... ;)

    I love you Val Hewitt! You are the BEST!