Monday, May 31, 2010

Reason #32074 to love Baltimore

I love the Sunday Farmer's Market in Baltimore.  It's one of my favorite things to do. I like to go really early, before the masses descend, and meander around, with my cup of Zeke's Coffee, and my freshly made donuts from the donut guy, and slowly make my way around, smelling strawberries, trying samples of cheese, and picking out herbs and vegetables, and listening to the musicians that are playing.  It has expanded exponentially since I first started going, and now it is in two areas. 

If Baltimore people want to know which stands are my favorite, send me an email, because I don't know what the names of most of them are, but I can tell you where they are located. 

Today was my first farmer's market of the season, and I did not realize just how much I had missed it.  I met my friends Katie, Lisa and Bryan, and we walked around, eating our donuts, and enjoying the beautiful morning.  Of the new vendors,  Bryan introduced me to the olive oil stand that is new this year, which is SO good. and! if you bring your bottle back, they give you a discount to refill it!  Awesome. Also, Pitango Gelato is at the market now, and my epic love of Pitango is timeless. 

But easily my new favorite stand is Wheely Good Smoothies. First of all, a Pun-y name is always my favorite.  Secondly, they are a smoothie stand, that is powered by bicycle. You pay your dollars, and you get a discount if you pedal yourself.  they fill up the blender cup, and put it on the little stand on the back, and you pedal away.  And when you're done, you have a delicious smoothie!

I chose the Strawberry Basil with Orange juice, and it seriously rocked. I liked it so much that after the farmer's market, I ran down to Trader Joe's to get the ingredients so that I could make my own smoothies. The basil just makes it taste so fresh and delicious.  I tested out making my own with my stick blender, and it totally worked!  I forsee a summer of smoothie making.  The key that Wheely Good does, that makes the smoothies so awesome, is that they use frozen fruit, so that you don't need to add ice that would water it down. GENIUS. 

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