Sunday, May 2, 2010

DC fun!

So my friend Tammy lives in DC, and she has been telling me for a while that in the quest for the best burger in Baltimore, I was missing an out on an awesome DC burger. While I think Baltimore has more than enough contenders for the title, I wanted to go and check out if the burgers of which she spoke were as amazing as she said.  So I headed down to DC, which is entirely too close for me to not go down to all the time (seriously! the history! the awesomeness!)

And that is how I found myself at the Good Stuff Eatery

We both got the Toasted Marshmallow shake:
This was amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Those are actual, toasted marshmallows on top. The shake was vanilla, and sweet, with a smoky flavor. I love smoky things (like the tea at Cafe Zen) but this took the shake up a serious notch or two. It also made me think that maybe I should be adding liquid smoke to my S'Mores treats that I make.  Anyway, back to the food:

This is Tammy's basket, helpfully food styled (my pictures did not look nearly as awesome). Ok,  the bad first: the fries were... not great (that's as nice as I can be about them) mushy, and tiny pieces, I got the village fries, that had herbs on them, and the herbs were just in a clump in the center.  The next time I go, I'll just stick with the burger and shake.   The dipping sauces for the fries were AWESOME though, which made me sad that the fries were so bad. They had Old Bay mayo, and Chipolte Mayo, and a couple other varietes. So Good.

Because DC isn't Baltimore, I wasn't following the rules, so I got the President Obama burger, which had blue cheese, onion marmalade, and was epically delicious. Sweet, and savory, and the onion marmalade just kicked it out of the park.  Tammy had the regular cheeseburger, which also looked good. 

So to walk off the eight million calories we had just ingested, we took a walk, then decided to head over to see the monuments at night: 

 I never get tired of the monuments (or humming The West Wing theme song when I walk by the White House)

It was a really great night, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other fun DC things that I can explore!

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