Tuesday, January 19, 2010

28/28th list update- #12

I put #12 on the list, because I wanted to make it happen, but I wasn't sure I could. #12 is tricky. Because I had my travel planned out for the year, I didn't think I would be going anywhere new. Up to Providence, probably, Down to Virginia, into NYC, down to DC definitely. But none of those places are what #12 is. They're all places I've been before.

12. Visit a city I've never been to before

As I mentioned before, I'm going to Japan.  With my friend Tim, who is wonderful, and generous, and fantastic, and I can't imagine having a better traveling companion in him. Tim won a trip to Japan from Saveur Magazine, and asked me to go with him. (Insert me running around like a crazy person and going eeeeeeee! I'm going to Japan!)

We're going to fly there at the end of Feb/first week of March, a have a night in Tokyo, and then the next day fly to Yamagata Prefecture and spend three days in Ginzen Onsen, then back to Tokyo for a night, then home.  I've been doing lots of reading, and reasearching, and just in general being excited.  I'm excited about the food, I'm excited about the hot springs, and mostly I'm excited to spend a week having fun adventures with Tim, because he's awesome.

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  1. i'm so far beyond jealous, it's ridiculous! congrats you!!! you deserve it sweetie!