Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jonathan Coulton <3

I was talking to my cousin Potter a few days ago, about how when I listen to new music I like, it tends to bind me to a time and place, and then whenever I listen to that music, I am immediately transported back to the place I first listened to it.

And by listened to it, I really mean "listened to it over and over to the exclusion of all other music, and kept listening until I a) moved onto the next new thing or b) added it to the regular rotation of music I listen to when not obsessed with one musician/band."

It is kind of like a baby duck, who imprints onto a mama duck. the music imprints onto a time in my life.

For example, when I was in City Year and living in Providence, it was Tegan and Sara, Freshman Year of College: Indigo Girls, Catie Curtis, Ani Difranco. Sophmore year of college: Melissa Ferrick and so on, and so forth.

Other than a few artists who seem to transcend any time in my life,(and even then, some certian songs are definitely tied to certian times) it makes a trip through the ipod quite nostalgic.

I bring this up because I am having quite the music crush right now, on Jonathan Coulton. He falls squarely into the singer songwriter genre, and some of the people I already listen to have covered some of his songs. The part I like best is that he's funny, and the songs he writes are catchy.

The following are my three favorites right now:

Code Monkey

Future Soon:

You Ruined Everything

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