Saturday, July 31, 2010

28 in the 28th- 2 months left.

Okay, I'm headed down the home stretch, and I've got two months to go until I'm 29 (eep!)  here's what I've accomplished so far, and what I still need to go. 14 down, 14 left. I can do this!

1 Write a Novel. This looks like it might not happen, sadly. Well, there's always room on next year's list!
2. Try one new craft   Origami!  I can make a flower, and a box, and a waterbomb.
3. Go to DC for the day by myself and walk around
4. Cater a Non Family Event
5. Make Homemade christmas gifts Done! Several family members recieved mittens, and snowflakes. I am going to start working on christmas presents earlier this year though. I did not get nearly as much done as I wanted to.
6. Learn how to can things (like jam)
7. Take a cooking class- Thanks to a completely awesome birthday present from my friend julie, I am taking a pasta class here in March. I was also able to take a vegetarian cooking class, as well, it rocked!
8. Go camping
9. Go to a non House Concert- Show    Done!  Went to See Corinne Bailey Rae and The Rescues. Plus! am going to see Lilith Fair this week.
10. Get a Manicure, Pedicure and Facial  Done! I got a Mani, Pedi, Facial with my sister and my cousin Kate, before my cousin Lindy's wedding, which was very excellent. I actually have super long nails right now, and have been debating getting a manicure. I will probably just end up cutting them, though.
11. Go on 12 dates I've not gone on 12, but I still need to make progress on this goal. Serious progress needs to happen on this front.
12. Visit a city I've never been to before   Done! Toykyo, March 2010
13. Learn how to make a recipe by watching my G make it.  Done! Pitzelles, June, 2010, Homosassa Florida
14. Go to at least one Free Fall Baltimore event Julie reminded me that we went to Fells point fun Festival this year!  We ate pit beef, we had deep fried Oreos, we bought crafty things, it was great!
15. Have a Cookie Baking/Decorating Party
16. Make a tradition of my own  Glee tuesday (which then merged into Top Chef Wednesday, When Glee was over) is a weekly tradition that Paul, Julie and I have formed. We get together, cook some good food, drink some wine, and watch some awesome tv.
17. Go to a museum
18. Have dinner that is multi-course and paired with wines
19. Go to a winery and have a wine tasting
20. Make something beautiful
21. Create ten new cupcake combinations- Five down, five to go.
22. Get my camera fixed. DONE!
23. Twelve Random Acts of Kindness for strangers- One down, 11 to go.
24. Go for a week without internet (for non work puroposes)  Okay, it wasn't quite without internet completly, but I was without my computer when we were on vacation in Virginia, and I had very limited access. So I'm counting it good.
25. Do some acting I am in the Iron Crow Theatre Company! And we're doing a night of short plays by Christopher Durang called "In Durang's Shorts" I acted as a Chorus member and Phyllis, in Phyllis and Xenobia
26. Go to ten new restaurants in Baltimore Done!
27. Learn a new card game
28. Go see a movie with Subtitiles (or, rent and watch Amelie without falling asleep)

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