Monday, July 26, 2010

Ten things

This week I really need Ten Things.  Between work being crazy, a death in the family, and general stress and worry and suckitude, I definitely need some serious good things that I'm happy about. (what? suckitude is a word.)

1) My Tiny cousin turns 2! It's really awesome and exciting, and I can't wait to see him when he's in NJ in August, so I can give him his presents. And take lots of pictures of him.

2) My dad's Birthday is this week too! Happy Birthday, old man.

3) I've been downloading some of the new music from Lilith fair, and I'm really excited to hear new music!

4) Made banana pudding this weekend. love banana pudding. I didn't even eat any yesterday because I know how much better it is when it sits for a day. (look at that! patience! who knew?)

5) Looking forward to the Theatre Company fundraising meeting tonight.

6) Original flavor Sun Chips in the work vending machine. HOLY CRAP this is awesome. for a long time they only had the terrible chese flavored Sun Chips, or the slightly passable french onion Sun Chips. All of these versions are massively inferior to Original Sun Chips

7) I have not mentioned lately how much I love Twitter.  I do. I love twitter a lot. Despite that fact that other people think it is dumb.

8) Community DVD Season 1 pre-sale!

9) Burt's Bees Chapstick

10) Popsicles

What is making you happy right now?

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