Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonderful Vacation


I am back from vacation. I kind of would like to be back there right now. Chincoteague is so peaceful.  this is the view off the back of the house. Crazy beautiful, right? 

Every year my family rents a house on Chincoteague Island (sometimes parts of the family camp, but I prefer a house, with you know, a bed. and air conditioning. it is hot out there)  We've rented this house a bunch of times, and I love it.  It's gorgeous, has a great big and wonderful kitchen, and a long table for everyone to sit at.  I have spent lots of hours in this house- we've rented it a couple of times, and I really, really like it.


I really like the whole island. It is restful, and relaxing, and easy vacation. I can spend time sleeping, and crocheting, and reading.  Cooking good things, and hanging out with the family.  Not everyone was able to make it this year, and even those that were were not able to be there the whole time, which was a bummer. But I'm glad I had the time with those that did make it there this year.  And there's always next year!

I've posted a bit about my rib competition with my uncle: (and other people who want to enter, last year was Potter)  and these are my ribs:

winning ribs

And this is my trophy:


The trrophy returns to Baltimore once more, to grace my bookshelves and inspire me to kick ass again next year.  I already have ideas marinating for next year's rub and sauce. (and maybe also my rib competition videos)


Just before we chow down on ribs.  Chilling with the family.  One thing this family has down is eating and drinking.  We had a ton of "food coma" moments, usually after eating dinner, and occasionally after lunch (see: Woody's barbecue, Woody's fried chicken, Vientamese resturaunt, The Creamery, and Mr. Whippy)
One of the things that I like is how much cooking we all do while we're there- Appetizer night,  Seafood night, Rib competition, and lots of other meals, and snacks (I did not make nearly enough guac this year. Must remedy that next year)


Helena and Auntie Ange feeding the seagulls. Which they continued to do even after Uncle Dave told a story about a friend of his who was feeding seagulls and the seagull bit off the tip of his finger. I was not going to be going anywhere near seagulls after that. They, however, purchased a whole loaf of bread to feed the seagulls with.

It was a great week, and I can't wait until next year.


  1. Great pictures! Did you edit them?

  2. I did- in iphoto (most of them, anyway)