Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crocheted Food Part Deux

crocheted food 

So my little cousin is turning two at the end of the month. While I have been contemplating how time flies so fast, (because he was just born yesterday) I have also been crocheting things for his kitchen, which his mom tells me he is ALL about lately. (feeding the dog hamburger soup from his hamburger pieces? awesome.) So above is all the things that I've made, and below is a more in depth look at the individual pieces I've been crafting.

A banaba that comes out of the banana skin:
Banana pieces

Ribs- (come on, did you NOT think I was going to do ribs?)

also a waffle, because that kid likes waffles:

A slice of watermelon



A S'more

Corn on the cob (that also comes out of the green)

And a pb&J sandwich:

I'm sharing them here because he's almost two, and while he's very advanced, I'm sure he doesn't read my blog.  I'm going to finish up on a couple more things, and then I'm going to get them shipped off.  If you have any suggestions, let me know!

(also,  some more in depth photos on the flickr site. Click on a photo to take you there!)

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