Monday, August 2, 2010


1) Doing 750words  for the month of August (and competing with Julie)

2) Lilith Fair tomorrow!

3) Tim and Val's Day of Fun and Baking on Wednesday!

4) FINALLY beating my sister's ski jump score on wii fit.  (I know this means she will camp out at my apartment until she beats my score, but it was AWESOME.)

5) Seeing my tiny cousin this weekend

6) Picking out restaurant week choices, and drooling over the menus

7) Hanging out with friends on Sunday, and watching them hilariously try to do the wii fit. ("AROUND THE WORLD"  my arms are sore from the flapping though.

8) my Iced coffee solution I re-jiggered at work. (Hitting the Strong  button along with the espresso button. what? are those my eyeballs vibrating?)

9) The Tv Show White Collar. it's funny and interesting, and I may be a little bit obsessed with it.

10) Speaking of obsession, I am now obsessed with origami.  officially.

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