Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ten things

I haven't been blogging much because I've been having a bit of a hard time, and I didn't want to get all sad/depressing on the blog, but some gentle nudging from a friend reminded me that I hadn't posted in a while, so in that spirit, I am going to do ten things!

1) Jackie moved to Baltimore! Yesterday!  And as crazy as she can be, she's also pretty funny.  You know, when she's not demanding that I cook her dinner. Plus, Earl will like having a companion during the day.

2) Good friends who make me laugh, and make me feel better, and commiserate. Also: who create awesome drinks that involve Ribena and Vodka.

3)  Went to a wedding expo with Katie and Lisa,  and it was so fun! I ... ate a lot of cake.

4) The show Covert Affairs.  It is awesome. That is all.

5) It is Wednesday, and there are only two more days of work this week, after this one is done.

5) Other people who create birthday lists!  (sidenote: I am currently in the planning stages for my 29/in the 29th list. Do you have suggestions? Hit the comments!)

6)  Emmy Party this weekend!

7) Earl has been sleeping snuggled up at my feet. The cuteness of that totally makes up for when he's bitey and bad for no reason.  (he is also crazy)

8) Disney Sing it.  It's awesome, on so many levels, but singing "A Whole New World" with Katie on Thursday was my high point of the week last week.

9) Hedwig is opening soon! Everyone go get your tickets!

10) Making positive moves forward.

What is making you happy right now?


  1. for 29 on the 29th, do 29 random acts of kindness. not that random acts should be finite, but.....(i am anonymous, but not really. hi val from lyn:))

  2. what's making me happy right now: the fact that tomorrow is friday and my friends are coming to visit. I'm trying to keep this in mind as I'm currently cleaning and HATING IT.

    I need a project this year, but don't know what that will be...

    I think something you should do this coming year is to visit europe :)