Friday, December 11, 2009

Overheard at Panera

When I have time off and I want to work on writing projects, I come to Panera. Aside from the delicious shortbread cookies, they have free wireless.  So I sit and sip and eat and work, and crazy stuff happens. in the past few months I have seen:

- Multiple Job interviews

- A breakup  (so sad)

- A woman valiantly trying to sell some Amway products to a confused looking blonde woman.  (More than once!)

-A guy pitching what sounded EXACTLY like a pyramid scheme where a guy was talking to two women about it. They were SUPER into it. The way the guy was describing it, it sounded like a cult. When I see these people, I just want to go to them and be like, you know this is a bad idea, right?

- A kid completely work over her mom, alligator tears and all, to get her to pick up dinner from Red Robin, because she did not like where the mom and dad wanted to go for dinner.  (seriously? If I had tried to pull that crap, my mom would have said "fine then, I hope you like being hungry"

- Kids that were very obvoiusly cutting school, and had loosened their prep school ties and tried to generally disguise themselves as not school cutters. Note to them: it might help if you weren't wearing your school uniforms, still.

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