Wednesday, September 30, 2009

27 in the 27th wrap up.

Ok, I want to preface this, by saying that yes, I know it was somewhat epic fail this year. But! I am resolving to make it next year, no matter what. I just have to keep track, and you know, not forget about the list for months at a time.

1. Read a book a month that I haven't read before.
Technically, I did not do this. However. I read enough books on vacation, that I definitely fulfilled the 12 books that I was meant to read this year, per the list.

2. Find a new apartment.
Nope. stayed at my current place.

3. Hike the trail at Oregon Ridge.
Sadly, no

4. Go and see a movie with subtitles in a theater.
Well, slumdog millionare had like, 1/4th of the movie in subtitles, so that counts, right?

5. Go on a date.
Yup! I even exceeded expectations by going on multiple dates.

6. Send real mail to someone once a month.
Well, it worked for the first few months, then.... not so much.

7. Listen to one new album a month.
See same answer for #6

8. Cook all the recipes in a cookbook.
Based on the research I have done, this appears to be a somewhat crazy goal. ... That I still did not accomplish.

9. Take a belly dancing class.
heh, was I on crack when I was making this list? Obviously.

10. Get a decent haircut, someplace that is not Supercuts or Hair Cuttery.
Done! Although I like my most recent hair cuttery hair cut better than that one.

12. Take a cooking class.
Nope, sadly.

13. Have a five course dinner party.
Done! Porkapalooza!

14. Learn a new craft.
Crocheting eight million snowflakes Definitely counts.

15. Finish five knitting or crocheting projects.
Done! woo, Christmas!

16. Be more assertive at work.
I am definitely much better than I was last year, but I still have a ways to go.

17. Go to DC by myself for a day and just walk around.
Not done; but something I definitely need to add to next year's list.

18. Finish the blanket (crochet).

19. Learn one new Baltimore/Maryland thing to do a month.
I did a lot of new stuff, but I don't know if it was one every month, I was not really great about keeping track of the new things.

20. Create a new drink (boozy!)
Gin and tonic with a cucumber in it. YUM. (note: someone has probably done this before, but i haven't so, it counts!)

21. Make handmade Christmas gifts
Done! Eight million snowflakes later

22. Go to an RU women's basketball game.
Done! went to an RU game with my dad in New Brunswick, and My dad, mom, aunt and uncle came down to Baltimore when RU played Maryland

23. Be more considerate.
I like to think I succeeded at this. I have certainly been making an effort to do it.

24. Take more pictures; update my flickr page more frequently
see answer for #6

25. Visit one state that is not on the eastern seaboard.
Nope. on next year's list though. this year was spent taking my vacation time in NJ or with the fam in Chincoteague.

26. Buy and read the Washington post one day a week.
Nope. I started out pretty strong, but what they say is true. print media is dying, and I would much rather get my news from my RSS reader

27. Make an entire meal from items procured at the farmer's market
Done! breakfast with Julie, after one of our farmer's market days.

Next year's list will be up on friday. I am currently taking suggestions.

1 comment:

  1. I vote:

    Re-vamp #3... there are lots of awesome trails in a state not so far away in which sommmmeone you know lives. :)

    Carry on #8, but find a shorter cookbook...

    Carry on #17, def.

    I also still like #25. Maybe you should go on a roadtrip to somewhere crazy, like the Wizard of Oz Museum in Wamego, KS or something slightly more conventional like, Mt. Rushmore.

    And really instead of just one hike during the re-vamp of #3, maybe make it a monthly hike. Then you would also most likely take more photos. And you'd see the seasons change excitingly, see stuff, experience nature and fresh air more often, and it's good for the heart and junk. :)