Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vexing Caramel Sauce

I am a fan of caramel. Melted onto apples, in a coffee drink, dolloped on a scoop of ice cream, there is nothing that the sugary loveliness cannot do. My Auntie Jack used to make these brownies with caramel in them, that were so good it would make you cry. And then eat three of them.

Up until this point though, I was content to let others make my caramels, my caramel sauce, and my chocolate dipped chocolate caramel candies. But that has all changed.

So I'm working on making caramel sauce as a component for another dish. Caramel ventures into Candy Making, which is a very precise- sciencey brand of cooking (which, if you looked at my high school and college transcripts, you will see was not my strong suit.) So I looked at caramel making warily. it involves lava-hot sugar, and lots of the recipies have dire instructions about being careful not to burn yourself. (see also: clumsy)

Last night was my first foray into caramel sauce, and I used this recipe. And it mostly turned out! I had one area of clumped sugar, but I was able to hold that back when i was pouring it into the jar. I chose this recipe because it had butter in it (most caramel sauce recipies do not) and I figured, butter makes everything better! The sauce was delicious, but it also tasted very much of butterscotch (beacuse of the butter, i'm guessing). while it was good, It is not the right flavor profile for the recipie i'm using it in, so it's back to the drawing board, this time for recipes that don't have butter.

I love delicious experiments.

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