Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ten awesome things about my dad

1.  That he's always supported me, and is an excellent sounding board when I have problems that I need to work out.

2.  His sense of humor, even though it verges on the ridiculous at times.

3.  The way that he gets so excited about things- whether it be a french press and Bolivian coffee, or stepstools for his collection, or his "man cave"

4.  He never hesitates when asked to help someone. No matter if it's a friend needing help moving, or Guatemalan kids who need their teeth pulled (on the Mission Trips he takes; he's not some sort of whack job)

5.  The way he tells me the truth about things, even if it's not the answer I necessarily wanted to hear.

6.  That he can start up a conversation, with anyone, anywhere, about anything.

7.  The way that he looks at my mom, after thirty-plus years of marriage, like he is still so, so in love with her.

8.  That he's my biggest cheerleader, and so proud of everything I do. (to the point of embarrassment at times)

9.  His awesome waffles. (Even though he used to make us do push ups for them when we were little)

10.  His giant, huge heart, and the way that he loves his family and friends.

Happy father's day, dad. I love you.

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