Monday, June 27, 2011

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Two of my best friends got married this weekend, and they asked me to write something to read at the wedding.  After I got over my initial terror of not writing something good (read: procrastinating like a mofo) I started to write. And everything I wrote came out like stupid, saccharine cliches about love. Which was kind of appropriate, because they have an epic, ridiculous amazing love, that they fit all of those cliches... but alas, I wrote several drafts, and wasn't happy with any of them.

Then, a few weeks ago, they got legally married in DC. (they couldn't get married in Maryland on their wedding day, because Maryland is dumb, and AGAINST BASIC CIVIL RIGHTS. ahem.) I saw, on that day, that even when things get a little crazy, and are not the way that they might have imagined (the ceremony room was tack-ay), in the end, it didn't matter, because all you could see is how much they love each other. 

So one night not long after that, I was driving home, and thinking about this thing that I was writing, and how much about life, and friendship and love, that I've learned from them, and then, miraculously, the words came very easily. 

This is what I said: 

When I had a question about friendship, 
I turned to you and you both showed me what an amazing friendship was; 
with caring, love, and honesty

When I had a question about strength, 
I saw how you lean on each other when things are hard
and cheer for each other when you need it 

When I had a question about loyalty
I was blown away by your fierce faith and devotion to the things that are important to you. 

When I had a question about trust, 
I could see it in the way that you are careful with each other's hearts. 

When I had a question about humor
I was gently and relentlessly mocked. 

When I had a question about family;
I saw how much you love yours, and how you've created a family of friends that I am honored to be included in. 

And when I had a question about love, I already had all of the answers, because I have been a witness to your love for each other for the last nine years.

L&K- I love you guys so much, and I'm so happy you asked me to be part of your day. 

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