Thursday, May 26, 2011


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to cater a first communion party for a co-worker of my Dad . (It was Betty's daughter having the First Communion)  I took some time off work to get everything ready, and I hit the Jerz to make this stuff: 

Crudite! (With ranch dip)

Deviled Eggs with smoked paprika (I seriously will not use regular paprika on these again, the smoked is so good)

Roasted potato salad (an old standby)

Pasta Salad Caprese (tomato, fresh mozzerella and basil, topped with a white balsamic vinegar dressing)

Mini Ham sandwiches! On potato rolls- idea shamelessly stolen from my mom. 

Turkey with American! ( I also had roast beef with cheddar and horseradish cream, and cucumber with dill and yogurt) 

The hot stuff was roasted cauliflower, and Chicken Marsala, and penne

Fruit Salsa!

Homemade cinnamon sugar tortilla chips to go with fruit salsa

Fruit plate!

Brown Butter Salted Rice Krispie Treats (cut into the shape of crosses)

What the whole setup looked like. 

I really had an awesome time doing this- and it was the first one I've done that was for a non-family member, and I think it went really, well! I had some awesome help (my cousins Kate and James) who were rockstars and helped me do everything I needed. I wish my current work schedule allowed me to do more of this kind of events, because it was pretty great.


  1. Awesome, Val!! :)

  2. Also... I want some roasted potato salad. you know where I live.

  3. You don't know how much I want to sample everything you pictured. It all looks so delicious! And I'm so impressed by your ability to plan all of those things....I can barely get three different dinner items to come together for one meal (i.e. two veg and a protein) much less a whole catered event! Congrats!
    MD from Simplest

  4. The food looked great,nice pictures! next time I won't be in Guatemala