Monday, March 21, 2011

Ten Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

1. Things are happening in my professional life that I am very VERY happy about. (and thus, have crossed off another item in my 29 in the 29th list) I can't talk about it yet, but expect more talking about this next week)

2. I have wonderful friends (and an awesome sister). With whom I had an amazing night with on Friday night, full of fun, laughter, rosemary garlic fries, tasty drinks, and Drag Queens. My friends are freaking awesome.
3.  Music: Adele.  Darren Criss. Glee. Sara Barreilles (lather, rinse repeat)

4. The chilli dog at Brewer's Art- I had it on Friday, I'm still thinking about it. So effing good.

5.  Going to the Jerz this weekend, where there will be some fun had with some cousins!

6. My friend Andrea, from high school, is coming to Baltimore to visit!  (this is super exciting, because she lives halfway accross the world in France) also, we've been friends for over fifteen years. How crazy is that? it's more than half my life!

7. The TV show Glee in general, and specifically, last week's episode where Kurt and Blaine kissed. I've watched this episode a couple of time since, and I can't get over how sweet and perfect and awesome it was. I also really appreciate the show for not punking out and doing a cop out of a kiss- this was a real, actual, passionate kiss between two boys, and nobody apologized afterward, and nobody freaked out.  And it was on network tv, at 8pm.   Makes me happy to see LGBT representation on TV, especially when it's done that well.

8. I had my first Tutti Fruitti of the season yesterday!  I stopped there after the laundromat, and it was great.  Now to hit Pitango Gelato!

9.  Crisp, clean white sheets and linens.

10.  My cousin Kate and my sister Jackie, because while they drive me up a freaking wall sometimes (especially last week) they are fantastic and supportive in the best way. (even when it includes me drinking a bottle of wine on a weeknight)


  1. YAY!!!! woot woot! (finally)!!! woman, this is a great list. Especially enjoying the number 6- of course, it does age me, but eh, so worth it!

    Can't wait for the Baltimore trip!

    Looking forward to more blogging from my fave blogster (ie YOU).

    well done!

  2. Awesome list! Glad to see you so happy!