Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

1.  My Theater Company had an awesome event this weekend- we did a staged reading of Steel Magnolias as a fundraiser, and it was an AWESOME event. Lots of fun had, lots of dollars raised!  I also got to act- I was Annelle. Plus, my parents came down to see the production, which was excellent.

2. I was a part of the Lobby Day for Same Sex Marriage with Equality Maryland in Annapolis yesterday- It was a good time, an excellent rally, and the news that there are two more yes votes for the bill just made it that much sweeter.  Plus, my friends Katie and Lisa made the news!

3.  It's Glee Tuesday!  (always a reason for celebration)  Plus, Julie's going to make it this week, after her moving/work craziness hiatus.

4.  I've been accomplishing things on my yearly list! (another entry about that this week)

5. New Music! I've been obsessively listening to The Plain White T's Rhythm of Love (thank you Katie Barth), the music of Charlene Kaye, and am having a re-emergence of Sara Barrielles love.  (and the music of Glee. but that's not new)

6. I've been exploring new places in Baltimore recently- and got a chance to go to Joe Squared.  If you're Baltimore local and haven't been there- get on it! The risotto is amazing.

7. I've got great friends. Who make me laugh, and understand when I'm down, and are wonderful sounding boards. I don't think I thank them enough- but they are wonderful

8. Pho.  I was feeling a sore throat/cold coming on yesterday, and I stopped on my way home to get pho, and it was the Best Call Ever.  I am firmly convinced that I would be much sicker right now had I not had any amazing Pho. (plus daytime theraflu that I took this morning)

9. Pretzels dipped in Nutella. Awesome.

10. Am looking forward to this weekend- the plan is going to find some Baltimore Centric things to do!

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  1. yay!!!! you are my number one thing today making me happy! glad to see you're back to blogging!