Friday, September 10, 2010

Hedwig and the Angry Inch Cupcakes

Hedwig cupcake

These are the cupcakes I made for our opening night of Hedwig And the Angry Inch I made them with Smitten Kitchen's Yellow Cake base, and the frosting is her Fudge Frosting, which is so good, I will be making it again and again.  Before this, I was not a fan of chocolate frosting, really. I liked butter cream, I liked cream cheese frosting, and I was kind of meh about chocolate frosting. (well, except for ganache. I love some ganache)

I whipped this one up, and it's basically a modified buttercream, with unsweetened, melted and cooled chocolate whipped in.  it's light, and fluffy, and chocolatey, but not overpoweringly so. I think it would make an excellent foil for a peanut butter based cupcake, or a banana cupcake,  or as my grandma suggests, smeared in between two graham crackers. Note to self: buy graham crackers.

Anyway, the crew liked them, I thought the wig was super cute piped on, and I even had enough frosting left over to frost a cake for my sister to celebrate her first week of classes. (and then i ate an inappropriate amount of that cake)

So, anyway, Hedwig is looking for volunteers for front of house.  You get a free ticket to the show (a 15-20 dollar value, depending if you're a student or not!)  and you get to hang with some cool people, while you hand out programs, and sell t-shirts.  If you're interested in volunteering, let me know, because we need them!  (plus it's an awesome and fun show, and Joseph and Sarah Lynn and the band are ROCKING IT)


  1. I know! she's so good, isn't she? I love her recipes.