Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fake Thanksgiving!

I love fall.  I love leaves crunching under my feet, I love sweater weather, I love all of the fall flavors: apples, pears, braised meats, Turkey, pumpkin... I love them all.  This summer has been unbearably hot, and it's only in the last couple of days (and thanks to Hurricane Earl) that we've had a temperature drop in the area. And so when my friend Sarah Lynn invited me to her Fake Thanksgiving party, I thought it was a little crazy, because it was still in the 100's. But who can to turn down free turkey? I cannot. Especially with all of the trimmings.

It was so. good.  There was turkey, there was stuffing, and gravy, roasted potatoes, green beans, broccolini, and tofu,  There were awesome pumpkin squares, and chocolate muffins (which I didn't try, but have had before and know are awesome) I currently have sent an email harassing Sarah Lynn for several of her recipes. Especially for the gravy.... ooooooh, the gravy.  Plus, there was knock-you-on-your-ass sangria, which I need to get the recipe for, from my friend Joseph.  If  I hadn't been driving, I would have had more then one serving, and things might have gotten crazy up in there!  (It's probably a good thing I was driving.)

Plus! it had my crazy, and awesome friends.  Who, although at times inappropriate and try to make me blush,  are fun, and funny, and who I'd spend any Thanksgiving with, fake or otherwise.

It definitely got me in the mood for fall now too- I want to pull out my sweaters, and start looking up recipes for pie, and and perhaps make some pumpkin scones.  I foresee more soups and stews and braised things coming down the pike. 

I love the fall.


  1. I neeeed a good sangria recipe. Send it my way if you get it.

  2. mmm. pumpkin scones. i made them once and they were delicious...i should do that again.

  3. This post warms my heart place! I haven't forgotten to get you those recipes, I promise!