Monday, October 26, 2009

Ten Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

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Sometimes on a Monday morning you need to remind yourself what is good.
1. Having a relaxing sunday afternoon

2. Man Vs. Food marathon on Food Network - Sidenote: Baltimore people- he's doing a Baltimore episode on Wednesday!

3.  Best Burger in Baltimore Begins TOMORROW!

4. S'mores bars  (Golden Grahams with marshmallow, with  chocolate chips on top)

5. Thinking up ideas for the Bake Off at work

6. 11 days until RHODE ISLAND

7 . Drinking my water out of a mason jar at my desk.

8. GLEE.

9.  Short week at work this week!  work: Monday & Tuesday, off  Wednesday, Work thurs and friday, off for the weekend!

10. Julie's Halloween  Party!

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