Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Google Meme

So I really like the Vlogbrothers , and Hank Green has this video about doing a Google Meme, that I fould amusing.  It is called Google Verb, where you put your name into the beginning of a sentence and let Google complete it.

My responses are bolded.

Val needs to get over whatever her problem is and have fun
Well, not always... I do not think I am the stick in the mud that Google appears to think I am.

Val looks like no one else and behaves like no one else
Is that a compliment? I'm taking it as one.

Valerie says a fond farewell
.... That's vaugely ominous.

Val wants you to check out a photo on MySpace
No, no she does not, because who goes on myspace anymore? no one. that's who.

Val does not cause schizophrenia
Good to know.

VAL hates banking accounts sometimes
Especially when they do not have enough money in them.  Like the millions that a life as a lady of leisure would provide.

Val Asks YOU: What beauty solution do you want?
Really, I want to know!

no. just. no.

Val eats a french fry.
Val rarely eats just one french fry. Val likes to eat multiple french fries.

Val wears a hood before her release.
I'm prefacing this by saying it  came from some sort of falconer website, so it is not quite as creepy as it appears.  on the other hand, without that information? CREEPY. 

Val Loves Jason.
I don't think i know a Jason, but if I did, I'm sure I would love him

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