Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cooking With My Dad - breakfast burritos

Ever since the first time I made breakfast burritos for myself, my dad was interested in them. I had made a bunch to freeze and eat for breakfast. He was trying to figure out how best to use them for the Methodist Men bible study that he has once a month. And by best use them, I mean finagle me to make them for him. 

And then, I have been making breakfast burritos for my sister, and her stressful grad school life.  When she told my Dad that I was making them for her, he called me and said, "hey, when you're home this weekend, you should make some breakfast burritos for me"  And because I'm a good daughter, I did. 


Ingredients:  Onions, cheese, beans, eggs, tortillas, salsa, sausage. (not pictured: butter and milk. I must have forgotten them in the lineup)

Cracked eggs in the bowl before whisking

Sausage Sautéing away

Breakfast burritos pre-rolling
Burritos assembled before rolling.

Burritos are really easy to make- I'm not going to provide a recipe- just put in the stuff you like, roll, and freeze.  

Completed Burritos Ready for Freezin

Then, when you are ready for breakfast, pull one out, wrap in a paper towel, and microwave for two minutes. Ta-da! breakfast on the run.  I make all sorts of versions of these, and they usually average out to less than a dollar a burrito (depending on ingredients) which is much cheaper than getting breakfast out on your way to work. Plus, you know everything that goes in them. 

Chief Dishwasher

Most awesome kitchen assistant ever.  When I made these (and cooked for the whole weekend while I was home), and my Dad did all the dishes that I made. And I will tell you that I created a lot of dishes.  I only wish that he would come down to Baltimore and do my dishes all the time. 


  1. V, This is good writing. You are one of the two best daughters that is for sure. Just keep writing! The pictures are good as well.

  2. This is such a useful idea! I often buy the breakfast burritos from Costco -never occurred to me to make them myself!

  3. these actually freeze well? I like having frozen burritos on hand for days when I just can't cook...but i buy them. I've thought about freezing them but I was concerned that they wouldn't freeze well.
    Maybe I should try it. Have you tried freezing other non-breakfast types?

  4. @Maryanna- they freeze great! what i do is freeze them on the cookie sheet, and then stick them into gallon freezer bags.

    I've done different variations on breakfast burritos- egg, spinach, mushroom and cheese.

    italian sausage, egg, and mozzerella,

    but I haven't tried doing non-breakfast ones.

    you should definitely try it!