Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Pizza

When people talk about what their last meal would be, my choice is always thanksgiving dinner. I love all of the traditional stuff, and I especially love the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce combo. This time of year is when lots of sandwich shops have thanksgiving sandwiches, with those three ingredients.

Last year, my cousins Kate and Potter made a Thanksgiving Pizza, with pizza dough, turkey, gravy,  stuffing, cranberry sauce, and goat cheese. I have been thinking about that pizza since they made it.  So tonight was the night- I stopped by at Trader Joe's and got pizza dough, pre made stuffing, a rotisserie chicken, and boxed gravy.

I imagine if you made all the components from scratch, it would be more delicious, but would also take more time than I am willing to commit on a monday night.

This was so good. SO. GOOD. the gravy, chicken and stuffing are savory and rich, and the cranberry sauce and goat cheese set it off with a really nice tang and acidity.

I will definitely be making this again.

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