Sunday, June 28, 2009

for funsies

Yanked from Katie


Outside my window... Trees and a quickly storm darkening sky. Hoping that thunderstorms aren't coming.

I am thinking... about the things I'm going to cook when I'm in Chincoteague. So far: peanut chicken with noodles, appetizery things, cold press coffee, lots of chips and guac, ribs, blue cheese puffs.

I am thankful for... a sister who makes me laugh on the phone when she's raging at traffic; a cat that is not being bitey at this moment; the advil starting to kick in to wallop my headache.

From the kitchen... Trader Joe's Frozen croissants that proofed overnight, that I will be putting some tuna into. (delicious)

I am wearing... sweatpants and a black t-shirt.

I am creating... the plans for an album for Penelope (better late than never, right?!).

I am going... to have a productive evening of cleaning and dancing around my apartment to music. Which reminds me, I have to make an "upbeat" music playlist on itunes.

I'm reading... blogs, mostly, but also Cook's Illustrated, and HP six to prepare for the movie.

I am hoping... it does not rain too long tonight; we've had an insane amount of rain here lately.

I am hearing... the cat play with his new toy, and an old episode of the West Wing playing in the background.

Around the house... Need to throw some laundry into the machine, so I have things to wear to work tomorrow, the rest of my laundry to sort, some dishes do do, make my bed, and general straightening up.

One of my favorite things... taking a nap on sunday afternoon, after I've had an awesome lunch at the mexican place down the road. Definitely adding that place to the Take People Who Visit Here List.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Wednesday off, working friday, making rub, drinks in the city, wearing new clothes, bringing my lunch every day this week (I will do it!) working on my 27 in the 27th list.

A picture to share...

Say hello to the bitey cat. he does not enjoy having his picture taken.

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