Monday, June 3, 2013

Ten Things Monday

These are ten things that are making me right now:

1:  My new job! (numbers 2-5 will also be regarding my new job)

2: My new job's hours, which are 9-5, and allow me to have nights and weekends free; this is a luxury that I have not had in over two years, which is amazing. Also weekends! Whole, glorious weekends where OTHER people are off!  (I imagine that that this new-ness will wear off, but right now, I am enjoying the hell out of it)

3: Getting a parking spot close to my house every evening.  It's amazing what not getting home at after 10 and having to walk two or more blocks when I'm crazy tired will do.

4: Packing lunch every day, and not just relying on grabbing something at work.

5: Bocce! I'm playing in the Hampden summer league, which I could not do if I worked at my old job. (see how I did that there?)

6: The baby shower for my cousin went off amazingly well! Everyone really liked the food I made, as well as the 40 jars of jam I canned as favors.  (making jam is not easy, yo)

7: Joining a CSA this summer! Get ready for some What The Hell Do I Do With These Veggies posts.

8: I have dubbed this The Summer of Canning. Or the summer I Put It All Up. Or I put summer in a jar... I don't know. I could probably use some help coming up with a catchy title.  I'm planning on making more pickles (dilly beans, gardiniera, ect) and Jams- Blackberry, peach, and if i can get my paws on some black raspberries I will do those too. I'm planning to go picking as well, to make all the jam.

9:  Tots and Trivia on Tuesdays. Man, I love my neighborhood bar. I can't wait until it starts!

10: The summer is stretching out in front of me- filled with opportunities and possibilities.  I drive home, blast some poppy music, and am just enjoying the hell out of everything right now.

What is making you happy right now?

What is making you happy right now?

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