Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now.

1.  Rainy days, with the day off, making corn chowder (and probably cookies later)
2. My awesome roommate, who rocks on multiple levels, and having some time to spend hanging out with her. She went on a buisness trip last week, and I really missed her!
3. Instagram

4. This song, played over and over and over again.

5. Having some time, and space to do the things I want to do. 
6. My camelback water bottle. You have to bite down to get the water! It's like a sippy cup! Very strange. But awesome.
7. Doing research for upcoming projects.
8. Baking bread. Lots of bread.
10. Living in Hampden, and spending more time hanging out with Jackie because she's so close! You know, even when she demands I cook things for her.

What is making you happy right now?

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