Friday, October 22, 2010

Reasons I love the fall

As some people in my life will tell you, I love trees. I love them painted on things, I love them when the change colors, I love them when they are snow covered.  So I carved one into a pumpkin. This is not the first time I have carved a tree into a pumpkin, but I think it is the most successful one.  It's for a pumpkin decorating contest at work. 

I also decorated the back side with an owl. No particular reason. I just like owls..  And they are halloween-y. Although mine is a little cartoony and not scary.

And then there are wonderful things to bake, such as these:
They are a riff on a recipe from 101 cookbooks,  Butternut Squash Feta Muffins.  I swapped in some rosemary, and added some extra spinach, they are healthy, and delicious.  They smell amazing when they are baking, and they taste like fall.  Just perfect for the nip in the air (or, since it got down to 30 last night, a little more than a nip)

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