Saturday, October 2, 2010

29 in the 29th

Okay.  So I have been thinking a lot, and I think next year, I'm going to transition into a Mighty Life List, as opposed to yearly lists, in an effort to think a little bit longer term about where I want to be and what I want to do with my life.  But I couldn't resist coming up with one last yearly list, because this is the big one. The last year before I'm thirty. The last year of my mid to late twenties. Oh, all right, my late twenties. I have purposely made this list a lot more accessible, I want to complete EVERYTHING on it this year.

1) Go see a taping of Wait Wait Don't tell me. 

2) Take advantage of a Southwest sale and go somewhere with Julie that we've both never been.

3) Redesign my website. Buy a domain name and move the blog there.

4) Enter a cooking contest. (a real one. not one at work. With real judges and everything) 

5) Buy a video camera and make and edit more videos (even if it's just a flipcam)

6) Update my blog at least once a week

7) Plan fun things to do to show Jackie Baltimore, now that she is living here.

8) Go to a resturant for resturant week.

9) Go tubing down the river (I don't know which river. Any river. Preferably with Paul, who suggested this list item)

10) Take more pictures, post more pictures

11) Taste 20 types of beer.

12) Continue my tradition of Top Chef Wednesdays and Glee Tuesdays.

13) Donate money to causes I believe in.

14) Go to NYC for a weekend

15) Go somewhere where there is not much ambient light, and look at the stars.

16) Learn how to identify more constellations than just Orion.

17) Master bread baking (this guy is also going to be baking bread this year, and I want to bake some with him!)

18) Help somone else complete a List item on their list that isn't on my list.

19)  Go on a picnic.

20)  Figure out what I'm doing with my life professionally.

21) Set one weekly excersise goal every week and then meet it. (even if it's small: i.e. 3 days of wii fit a week, two long walks around the ten hills neighborhood,  walking up the giant hill in front of my house)

22) Move to a new apartment when my lease is up, with the following requirements: decent size kitchen. hardwood floors, fun area of Baltimore. (optional but would be nice: washer/dryer combo)

23) Go to one of the City Year Events in DCn (or philly, or NYC, or RI- Just do one event with them)

24) Decorate a cake with fondant.

25)  Learn how to can things.  Seriously. Making this happen. For real this time.

26)  Go to see a drive in movie.

27) Do one social activity that is outside my comfort zone per month

28) Go down to Florida to visit G; make it home to visit my Grandad more often.

29) Go to some kind of food festival. Whether it is barbeuce, or Garlic, or a Pickle festival.


  1. #15. Go to TUCSON! There are light laws there because of the observatories, so the star gazing is AMAZING. In fact, you could even go to one of the observatories.

  2. come to austin. ahhhh. southwest totally flies here. there are amazing things to do here,

  3. Can I tag along with some of these? I would be interested in number 1, 8, and 9. I know a great place to go tubing (when it's way warmer) but D'Paul is irrationally scared to go. I think he would go if he knew that fearless Val, and Paul were coming too. Patrick has also expressed interest in tubing with us. OMG, IRON CROW FIELD TRIP!

  4. Rebebca- tuscon is faaaaaaaaaaaaar.

    Amanda- Austin is on our short list!

    Sarah Lynn- Tagging along is encouraged! also, D'Paul can go tubing. we'll make him. it'll be awesome.