Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crocheted craziness!

Ok, I know I have a burger post on deck (Julie and I went to the Poncabird on wednesday, and that post is coming, I promise!)

However, I have a new little obsession. It began making the eggs and bacon from the last post, but I have been busily creating more and more different food items out of yarn.

to go with the eggs and bacon, we have some bread and butter:

And if it's vegetables that you want, there's some peas in a pod:

And carrot!

Fruit? how about some grapes?

and my favorite (second to the eggs)  a BURGER!

Click Here to see the components.

up on deck are: pear, Apple, pie, more peas in a pod, maybe some corn on the cob? Chicken drumstick. I'm also open to suggestions.

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