Saturday, March 28, 2009

The List: March Update

1. Read a book a month that I haven't read before. I'm working on it! I have been lately doing a lot of comfort reading; i.e. Harry Potter and Roald Dahl.

2. Find a new apartment. Well, if you mean by new apartment, decide to stay in my current apartment, then the answer is yes. I decided to stay, and add an addition to my household. Earl the Cat. I have been refraining from posting about Earl, because I do not want to become Crazy Cat Blogger Lady, but he is awesome. and also, he bites.

3. Hike the trail at Oregon Ridge.
4. Go and see a movie with subtitles in a theater. I saw Slumdog millionare, which has subtitles, but not for the whole movie. So I say, it counts Half.

5. Go on a date. done!

6. Send real mail to someone once a month. Done! if the USPS would GET ON IT ALREADY and deliver the item that I have sent to the intended recipient
7. Listen to one new album a month. March album of the month- Sara Barrielles- she's surprisingly good, and not as pop-y as i thought!
8. Cook all the recipes in a cookbook.
9. Take a belly dancing class.
10. Get a decent haircut, someplace that is not Supercuts or Hair Cuttery.
12. Take a cooking class.

13. Have a five course dinner party. Done! Porkapalooza was five courses!

14. Learn a new craft.

15. Finish five knitting or crocheting projects. I am counting all the 40 snowflakes i crocheted this christmas, plus a cute red hat for my cute little cousin.

16. Be more assertive at work.
17. Go to DC by myself for a day and just walk around.
18. Finish the blanket (crochet). 19. Learn one new Baltimore/Maryland thing to do a month. March's thing: figured out a new, alternate route home if 95 is backed up. Excellent.

20. Create a new drink (boozy!)

21. Make handmade Christmas gifts see #15. counts for both!

22. Go to an RU women's basketball game. DONE. sadly, the RU women lost, but the're in the sweet sixteen. GO RU.

23. Be more considerate.

24. Take more pictures; update my flickr page more frequently Porkapalooza pics and bridal shower pics on flickr!

25. Visit one state that is not on the eastern seaboard.
26. Buy and read the Washington post one day a week.
27. Make an entire meal from items procured at the farmer's market

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